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Postpartum Care

When you google "postpartum"...what images do you see? 


Pictures of individuals fatigued, upset, overwhelmed, and under supported. That is not always the reality of what your experience will be, and is not something we want to normalize. We want to uplift and see birthing people thrive, and ease into their 4th trimester as best as possible.


During this period, I really like to take time to listen to your needs and meet you where you are at with your emotional and physical state. 

This is your time to heal, and lean into this  support whether that be for a couple sessions together or for a longer period of support.  

Each time we meet, I love to let you lead the way in how you would like to be supported and loved on. If it feels like you need more ideas on what that support can look like, I take the time to listen to the things you value during this time in your life; while also showing you ways that you can gain time with your baby, partner, or self. 


Postpartum visits can include infant care, meal prep, household chores assistance, grocery shopping, teas and sitz bath pampering for birthing parent, guided meditation, and much more.


This is truly a transformative time in a person's life, with many identity shifts, and my role is to guide you to a place where you can feel safe and secure in moving through postpartum confidently. 


Postpartum care services start at:

$65 for daytime care ( 4-5 hour minimum visits) 

$70 for overnight care (8 hour maximum visits)

I ​believe all new parents deserve to be seen and heard, and my hope is that one day every parent will get the support they deserve! 


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