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About Doula Alanna

My Story

There are many things that draw me to this work, but above all the love I have for my babies has brought me here. Unfortunately, they only got half of me for a long time, and there was a lot of work that had to be done, to undo a lot of expectations that I, and sometimes others, had for me.

I thought motherhood was perfection. I thought in every facet I had to be that unwavering foundation of black motherhood. Strong, put together, mentally sound, and resilient. Yes, no doubt, I know more than ever that I have so much  resiliency in me, but it wasn't until I stopped keeping up the façade that I found out what it truly means to be a mama. I struggled, but with that struggle I found patience, I found healing, and I found myself. The unwavering and sometimes kind of chaotic mother in me. 

This work is all that and more for me, to be able to help others a little anxious about that first step into parenthood to feel a little less alone and judged. We have enough negative ideas in the world about who we should be and how we should run our lives, that I want to create space for others to build their own way of parenting while also raising beautiful and resilient people. 

I want to be bold, continue to break down generational trauma, and give other's the space to be honest and real about their experiences as new parents.

In regards to my additional interests within pregnancy and postpartum care, I have been diving deeper into my ancestral roots and their impact on black maternal care. I have incorporated a lot of traditional herbal approaches to pain management and pregnancy/postpartum wellness and healing.


While dabbling in a lot of herbalism practices, I am also a Seattle native, who loves hiking, gardening, and really all things nature-related. I am a mom of two very wild and smart kids, and a big time Virgo. 

My background is in the social work scope, working as a resource coordinator with low-income families and seniors. I also use this space to advocate and uplift the work around reproductive justice and to bring awareness and change to the disparities within the maternal care of black and brown communities. I come from a background of trauma informed care, and a desire to continue to serve under-represented communities in the birthing world, specifically BIPOC 

identifying people.

 I love this work and will be an ally and an advocate for you all the way!

 To learn more about me and the services that I offer, please contact me! 

Leaf Pattern Design


Abortion Companion Training | Chicago Women's Health Center &Mumoma

February 2023 


Peer-Parent Support Training | Perinatal Support WA

December 2022


Childbirth Education | Erika Davis Whole Body Pregnancy

July-September 2022


Pregnancy Release Support Skillshare

August 2022 


Foundations of Lactation Training with Elizabeth Montez

July 2022


Spinning Babies Training

April 2022 


Mentorship with Doula Keesha 

March 2022-April 2022


Shafia Monroe Consulting Doula Training 

December 2021

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